Monday, March 26, 2012


WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Its been sooooooooooooooo long I'm not writing anything here! Antara alasan2nye:

1) busy keje, busy with personal things
2) Malas
3) Lazy
4) Malas!!!! Hahahah...

Btw, might be there are a lotssssss of things kinda happened last year or earlier this year but tak berkesempatan nak tulis disebabkan alasan2 di atas tuh lah! hehehe...Actually, just a normal stories...Kalo extraordinary-nye kalo uoollllsss dengar cite kite naek bulan ke..yg tuh maybe bole jadik headline siap dgn gmbr PACKAGE! 

OK STOP! This is my own HEADLINE that I ALREADY MARRIED!!! Alhamdulillah....I'm very happy with my current life! Takat gaduh2, masam2 muke, monyok2 tuh just a small matters...As long we are loving each other plus dengan keberkatan & keredhaan-Nya, it is more than enough for me...I have very gratefull to help such a helpfull hubby eventhough kdg2 tuh ade malasnye but still I can count on him...I hope this will be lasting...Ok, mule2 nak aktif blogging balek ni, malas nk celoteh pnjg2 eventhough byk sbnrnye stories....Just enjoy some of my wedding pictures! XOXO