Saturday, September 27, 2008

Outstation @ CLS Cherating..

on 25th-26th Sept, i've been to Cherating for site visit at CLS or also known as Cable Landing Station or dlm bahse melayu yer Stesen Kabel Dasar Laut (SKDL) di mane di cni la kabel2 communication dasar laut yg dr negara2 oversea tuh mendarat so dat org kt M'sia ni bley communicate dgn mereka yg ade kt oversea tuh...acctly CLS not only hv at cherating..but also got in Mlk,Kuala Muda n Mersing..i only got da opportunity to visit was da great experience 4 me becoz i learnt a lot of new things, kt cni la aku taw jenis2 cable,masuk chamber tmpt laluan cable yg msk dlm building n mcm2 lg la!sambil2 tuh mkn angin la ape lg...hehe...i went to the cherating with the manager from region 3, en asrin n my partner in region 1, nite which da day we arrived, we went to planet seafood(not planet hollywood =D) utk dinner..sanggup buke pose dlm kete dlu semata-mata nk cr gak tmpt nk mkn seafood..haha..lps having our dinner, we went back to the hotel utk berehat...tmmrw morning yer we checked out from da hotel n went to the CLS for site visit....btw,all things i went thru wit those guys were fantastic!btw, i'm da only women who followed in dis site visit coz dlm unit aku ni ade 2 jerk prmpn...yg lg sorg cant join since she got a lot of work to do at da office =D
my room yg besar n dok sorg2 for da 1st time...sgt booosaaann..anyone who can accompany me next time??

from da left en asrin n herman..sorry coz xley nk promote since dis 2 guys already married..hehe..

its nk keje ker..nk g joli2 ni..??

dis is not planet hollywood but planet seafood...

ni salah satu mknn we ordered..ikn pari bkr...sgt sdp!harge sgt2 berpatutan..yg len lupe nk amik gmbr sbb dh lapa n tros mkn..nyum2..haha..


types of optical fiber submarine cable system...

chamber room where those cables from Asia Pacific countries landed...

battery room...btw, dont u think those batteries are too big??

dis is da hotel where i stayed...

acctly byk lg gmbr2 yg dh diambil tp xlrt la kan nk upload sume2 yer...hehe..i juz wanna share my new experience being @ CLS cherating... =D

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